In the event that you may have an auto accident:

  • File a police report and get the other driver’s insurance information and phone number.
  • Check for injuries to you and your passengers
  • Take pictures not only of your vehicle, but also the surroundings (Stop signs, driving lanes, etc)
  • Take pictures of the other vehicle involved
  • Document location and time
  • Don’t admit fault
  • Don’t delay care, adrenaline can mask pain
  • See your chiropractor or Doctor to obtain a prescription for massage.
  • If you are in need of a referral for a chiropractor please call me as I work with many chiropractors in the Twin Cities area.

In the event of a workers compensation accident:

  • Seek Medical Care by Doctor
  • Ask for prescription for massage at time of appointment.
  • Contact me with claim number, claim rep name so I can call insurance carrier to obtain authorization for treatment. Once I receive authorization treatments can begin.
  • If you are in need of legal advice to know your rights please feel free to contact me for a referral.
HSA Accounts:               

Please note if you have a HSA account that this can be utilized for massage therapy services as well. 

ML830 Cold Laser Treatments:

If your doctor or chiropractor would like you to have cold laser therapy please obtain a prescription for this service  for billing insurance with the proper ICD10 codes.