She (Lisa) has given me back my life…

I am a veteran with severe back issues that the VA just ignores and only would like to prescribe meds. after a surgery that did little to relieve my pain.  I have tried other massage therapists with no to little relief.  This crippling pain has taken my life away from me.  Then I learned of Lisa and her results with patients with pain issues.  I made my first appointment and had immediate relief that lasted for 1/2 day. I drive 2 hours just to see Lisa on a weekly basis.  She has given me back my life.  I can not say enough about Lisa.  I am so thankful that I learned of her.

Jeff B  – Birchwood, WI

I was dealing with dx. of CTS, TOS, neck issues and fibromyalgia…

I have enjoyed Lisa’s healing hands off and on for over 20 years.  She was my massage therapist for years prior to my out of state move.  At the time of our meeting, I was dealing with dx. of CTS, TOS, neck issues and fibromyalgia.  She always gave me incredible relief, both physically as well as emotionally.  She also helped manage several of my pets arthritic issues as well as helped rehab my 92 pound Doberman mix, who had been hit by a truck and shattered his front shoulder at age 2.  That dog went on to lead a healthy, active lifestyle until the age of nearly 13 when he developed bone cancer.  I still have Lisa, after all these years, as truly the top massage therapist and healer that I can get.  She is well skilled, schooled and naturally, has the ability to connect to her patients in a way most therapists either can’t or do just don’t with me.  Whatever the reason, Lisa is always my first choice for musculoskeletal, soft tissue problems and so much more….

Wendy G – Sarasota, FL

I was able to stay working during my recovery because of the treatments with Lisa

I was involved in an auto accident and my chiropractor referred me to Lisa. I had neck, mid back pain.  I had never experienced such a detailed massage with someone so knowledgeable. Lisa went above and beyond every treatment I had with her. Giving me stretches and offering me products that would assist in faster recovery. Because of the treatments with Lisa, I was able to stay working during my recovery. Lisa worked very closely with my chiropractor as a team.

Barb G – St Louis Park, MN

I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for a great massage

With Lisa’s years of experience, knowledge and many certifications she was able to find those areas on my body that I did not even realize were an issue. She was able to address those areas that were needed to resolve pain that I was experiencing.  She was great at deep tissue therapy which is very hard to find.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is looking for a great massage.

Scott M – Pueblo, CO

…by far the best reflexology treatments I have ever had.

My foot reflexology appointment with Lisa Bartel was like peeling layers of an onion back on my feet.  It was amazing how my whole body responded with her treatment.  I have traveled the world and always get reflexology treatments and this was by far the best I have ever had.

Cindy M – Rochester, MN

I recommend Lisa Bartel for massage therapy…

I recommend Lisa Bartel for massage therapy after my initial treatment.  Her professionalism and knowledge are like none other. She educates her clients about the issues they are facing and will provide answers to any question you may have.    Lisa uses natural products for her clients.  You must try a treatment!

Diane R – St Louis Park, MN

Lisa is an incredible therapist!

Lisa is an incredible therapist! I have been battling stomach cancer for a long time and have limiting body positioning. Lisa made me feel comfortable and worked around my limitations. Lisa touch is like none other I have ever experienced. I was able to relax allowing her to work muscles that needed attention from being so sedentary. Once I get a massage from Lisa my pain is lessened so much that I move more freely which allows me to also sleep so much better.

Thank you, Lisa, for all you do!

Lisa H – Birchwood, WI

I highly endorse Lisa Bartel as a massage therapist!

I highly endorse Lisa Bartel as a massage therapist! She knows how to get to those knots out! She is particularly good at sports massage and deep-tissue massage, chronic conditions, and special cases. Lisa listens well to her clients and uses her considerable intuitive talents and knowledge to correctly identify and resolve long-standing issues.

Holly S – Stone Lake, WI